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General Availability

General Availability

Today I am happy to announce that CloudNative has gone GA. Our beta period is over, and we want to thank all of our users for the fantastic feedback on Bakery and Delta. We couldn't have done it without you.

This also marks the end of the "pricing = free" period. We like buying beer too.

It was clear from talking to our users a simple, easy-to-understand pricing plan was what we had to come up with. I think we have done just that. There is only one price, one plan.

$149 / month

For that you get everything. Bake as ...

The plan

The plan

At CloudNative, we like to follow along with the advice coming out of YC, and the lean startup philosophy. This helps us prioritize work, get feedback from our users, and most importantly, drives us to build something people love.

To that end, the plan for the next few months is:

  1. Functionality
  2. Usability
  3. Pricing

My university professor always said

Get it working, then make it fancy -- Gernot Heiser

This is why the complete, end-to-end functionality of the Bakery is the top priority right now. An MVP is not viable if it does not do "the thing". Our thing is continuous deployment ...

It's an Emu

It's an Emu

Here it is - the CloudNative logo.

That was tough!

Symbolizing the "cloud" part of the name is easy enough, but how do you symbolize "native"? What does native mean to you? What does native mean in other parts of the world?

After many designs, and a vote, the final design is the Cloud Emu.

The Emu is a large bird native to my home country, Australia. In one design, it represents something completely native, but also speed and agility.

Those not familiar with an emu look at the logo and say "ostrich". The keen eye will notice, however, an emu ...

Vote on logos for CloudNative

Vote on logos for CloudNative

CloudNative is currently without a logo. Not even a real concept of what the logo should have. A cloud is easy enough to represent, but what does it mean to be "native"... how do you symbolize that? A native animal or plant? There are plenty of Australian native animals. What about a native American Indian smoking a peace pipe - that could be tranquil. Maybe it is none of the above. After all, what does an octopus crossed with a cat have to do with source code?

This lead me to 99designs, where I could get the chance to see what ...

Welcome to CloudNative

Welcome to CloudNative

I'd like to welcome you to CloudNative, and to our blog. This is the start of a great and noble quest. Well, at least I think it is. A quest to codify all of the best practices of running in the cloud. A quest to free you from managing infrastructure.

A quest so bold, as to make

  • highly available
  • elastically scalable
  • fault tolerant
  • self-healing and
  • secure

systems the default rather than something you hope to get to one day.

This is what I have been doing for individual clients at Answers for AWS. But guess what? I don't ...