The (unofficial) re:invent 2015 Slack

What is this?

This is a community driven experiment. Peter, Jeremy and Mitch thought having a bunch of our friends on slack during re:invent might be a better way of communicating than endlessly scrolling through Twitter. Here we can break off into Birds of a Feather groups, chat about sessions we are attending and find out about secret after parties.

We can't really have all 17K+ attendees join so we are using invitations to keep the numbers manageable.

How does it work?

  1. You get an invite to join from someone already participating.
  2. You fill out the Request to Join form with the invite code
  3. If selected, you will be emailed instructions to join the Slack group
  4. Once joined, you are free to chat, join existing channels and create new ones

How do I get an invite?

Ask someone who is already participating for an invite.

I'm in. Now what?

Have fun and please be sure to follow the Guidlines.

How do I invite someone?

We have created a little Invite bot just for this. Just DM @invite-bot to get your code. We'll probably limit the number of invites per person to 5, so use them wisely.

Can I hide my email address?

I wish! This isn't something Slack supports yet. Be sure to use an email you are comfortable with being public.

Is this sponsored?

Nope. It is completely free and community led.

How do I report something bad?

If you see or experience something bad happening in Slack, please DM @pas256, @garnaat or @jedberg in Slack with the details.

What has already gone wrong?

Well, nothing yet, but we aren't going into this blind. Here was someone else's experience running a similar experiment. Finger's crossed.