Blue/Green Deployment

Deploy new versions of your code to production by bringing up new clusters and switching the traffic. No more rolling update failures.
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Increase Uptime

Ever had a deployment take down production? What if you could roll back to the last known good state with a single click? Now you can!

No Abstractions

We build directly against the AWS APIs. This lets you take advantage of advanced features. Say no to "lowest common denominator" products.

Best Practices Built-in

As the cloud gets more and more complicated, how do you know you are following the current best practices? With the Bakery, the best practices are built in. You use them by default.

Fault Tolerant

So what if AWS wants to reboot or kill your instances. Our deployment model lets you sleep though it as unhealthy instances are automatically replaced.

Auto Scaling

When your site gets attention, don't fail under the demand, scale up to meet it. Launch more instances automatically to handle traffic spikes.

Lower Costs

By only using the AWS resources you need, you and run lean and lower that monthly bill. No more idle instances, no more capacity planning. Scale on demand.

Live support

Talk to a human and get the help you need quickly.

CI Integrations

Use Jenkins or CircleCI? No problem. Our seamless integration allows you to trigger a new build any time your code passes tests. All the work happens in the background while you focus on more important things.

Always Improving

We listen to our customers in real-time, and are always making things better.