High level overview

At it's core, CloudNative's Bakery and Delta are about getting code to production. It automates the building of a container, and deployment of that container onto hardware.


The building of a container is often called "baking", and so that is where the idea of calling the product the Bakery comes from.

Whenever code changes, that code should be tested by some Continuous Integration service (such as Jenkins or CircleCI). If all of the tests pass, a notification is sent to the Bakery, and a container is built.

Code  ->  GitHub  ->  CI  ->  Bakery  ->  Container


Once a container is built, you probably want to deploy it. You create an Application using Delta, and then deploy Version 1 of your application.

Container  ->  Version  ->  EC2 Instances + ELB  <-  Users


The first deployment is always the easy part. It is the subsequent ones that are interesting. With Delta, you perform blue/green deployments - switch traffic from servers running version 1 of your code, to version 2.

Container  ->  Version 1  ->  EC2 Instances  -+  
                                              |-- ELB  <-  Users 
Container  ->  Version 2  ->  EC2 Instances  -+
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