Getting started

You want to get started with CloudNative? Awesome! We'd love to have you on board.

The whole getting started process is actually built into the app, so you shouldn't have any problem with it. This guide really walks you though every step, should you need it.

First thing to do is to sign in with your GitHub account:

Sign in using GitHub Then you are taken to the Getting Started wizard. At a high level, there are just 3 steps

  1. Confirm we have the right name and email address for you
  2. Create an Organization so other members of your team can also use the Bakery
  3. Set up your AWS Account by creating an IAM Role for cross-account access

Setup Wizard - 3 steps

We assume you know your name, so just enter it here. If you have set your name on GitHub, the first step is already done for you.

Setup Wizard - Create organization

Next, create your organization. This is probably the company you work for.

Create an organization

And the last part, is to give CloudNative access to your AWS account.

Setup Wizard - Add AWS account

The first section is easy: give it a name. This might be the name of your company, or if you have multiple AWS accounts, perhaps you call it Production or Company - Production. Whatever makes sense for you.

Add AWS account - Name

Next is a big set of scary set of instructions. They're actually not hard at all. You can do it in less than a minute.

Login to your AWS Account and go to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) section. For some people, the link in Step 1 will just work.

Add AWS account - Name

On the left, click on Roles, and then at the top, click the big blue Create New Role button.

Create a new IAM Role

Now you can give the role a name. The name itself is not important, and can be anything you want. We suggest "CloudNative" so you know what it is referring to.

Give the role a name

Next you select the type of role you are creating, which in our case is an IAM Role for Cross Account Access

IAM Role for cross account access

The third step in this process is to copy and paste CloudNative's Account ID, and the unique External ID we generated for you. Require MFA should not be selected.

Details of 3rd party AWS account

We need to use a custom policy as none of the predefined ones match our requirement while also being secure enough.

Select Custom Policy

Now give the policy a name, and copy and paste the policy from CloudNative's wizard into the AWS web console, and click Next Step.

Paste Policy

You can now review everything we have done, and then create the role.

Review the IAM Role being created

Once you have created the role, you then need to select it to close the loop.

Select the role you just created

Finally, copy the Role ARN for the role you create...

Copy the Role ARN

...and paste that into CloudNative.

Paste the Role ARN into CloudNative

At this point, you are all set up to use the CloudNative tools.

Paste the Role ARN into CloudNative

Next steps

CloudNative's tools can be used independently of each other, or together - the choice is yours.

Getting started with the Bakery if you want to build AMIs

Getting started with Delta if you want to deploy your application using Auto Scaling Groups.

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