Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is the process of testing software whenever changes are made. A developer makes some changes, checks in the code, and tests are run on the entire code base. Examples of this include Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, Bamboo and TeamCity.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery adds one more step after Continuous Integration - that of packaging the code into something deployable. That might be a fully configured image of a server, or a docker container.

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment adds one more step to Continuous Delivery - that of deploying the new code to servers - usually Production, but at least Dev, Test or Staging.

Build Pipeline

In the Bakery, you create a Build Pipeline in order to create a deployable container. Think of it as a recipe of how you want to configure the container.

Configuration Management

Configuration Management is the name given to software that sets up a server. By set up, we mean install packages and set configuration files. Examples include Ansible, Chef, CFEngine (if you like history), Puppet and SaltStack.


Ansible is a Configuration Management system. It allows you to write playbooks in YAML that lists out all steps required to get a server into the desired state. All steps are executed in order.

Ansible Playbook

A playbook describes a set of steps in an IT process. Those steps may include installing or upgrading packages, and writing configuration files.

AWS Resources

Amazon Web Services has many different types of resources. A EC2 instance is a resource. So is a security group, a VPC subnet or an Elastic Load Balancer. We use the term "resource" to refer to anything running inside AWS.


An Application in Delta is the representation of the application you want to deploy. This could be a Ruby on Rails application, or just 1 of the microservices your complete application is made up of.


Once you have an Application, you want to deploy a Version of your application. Each time you deploy, you are creating a new Version. When you perform a blue/green deployment, you are switching traffic between 2 Versions.

Blue/Green Deployment

Actually, we have a whole page on this: Blue/Green deployment.

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