CloudNative Consulting

Let our team of experts help you do the cloud right

CloudNative offers a complete range of cloud services. Our team of experienced architects and engineers are recognized by AWS as the premier experts in cloud computing. Contact us at to find out more!

Who we are

What we do

  • Strategy and roadmap
  • Architecture audit, design, and best practices
  • High Availability engineering
  • Scalability engineering
  • Security audit
  • Disaster recovery design
  • Migration plans and hybrid cloud approaches
  • Infrastructure and server automation

Who we help

  • Consumer websites
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Health and biotech
  • Anyone who uses distributed computing

What we've done

  • Identified opportunities to save one client 45%
  • Discovered a major S3 related security issue exposing a large amount of data
  • Optimized and simplified a client's VPC networking topology
  • Built a reliable continuous deployment process for multiple applications
  • Found multiple single points of failure in a client's infrastructure
  • Identified a major security hole where a developer allowed personal laptops direct access to databases and application servers
  • Did a full audit of S3 permissions
  • Created multiple diagrams of existing architectures