General Availability

General Availability

Today I am happy to announce that CloudNative has gone GA. Our beta period is over, and we want to thank all of our users for the fantastic feedback on Bakery and Delta. We couldn't have done it without you.

This also marks the end of the "pricing = free" period. We like buying beer too.

It was clear from talking to our users a simple, easy-to-understand pricing plan was what we had to come up with. I think we have done just that. There is only one price, one plan.

$149 / month

For that you get everything. Bake as many AMIs as you like. Deploy 20 applications multiple times a day to production. It is all included.

And even though you can go from zero to a baked AMI and application deployed in under an hour, we are giving everyone a free 30-day trial.

Thank you again to all our awesome Beta users.

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