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We're sorry, but this product has been deprecated. We've found that CI/CD tools are just too specific for a generic product. If you'd like some help setting up a CI/CD pipeline, check our our consulting offerings. Alternatively, you can check out our new product, Yeobot.

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Bakery The Bakery is a an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) factory. Whenever your code changes, the Bakery will take those changes and build a new image from it. That image can be deployed to 1 or 1000s of EC2 instances. Why? Some (e.g. Netflix) like to build fully configured images containing the latest code, and use the same image for staging and promote it to production after testing. Others like to build an image containing just the dependencies for running their service, and get the code on boot. You could even build an AMI containing a Docker image, so that when you launch 100 instances, they aren't all downloading the same Docker image on boot. The point is, it is a simple little factory, and how you want to use it is up to you.


Jenkins, CircleCI

CI Integrations

Build a new AMI whenever your Jenkins, CircleCI, or TeamCity tests pass. All the work happens in the background while you focus on more important things.

Ansible Configuration

Use our Ansible playbooks, customize them, your write your own. It's easier than writing a script.
Amazon Web Services

Your AWS Account

The AMI building process happens in your AWS account, so you have complete control and visibility into the process.

Docker Support

See how you can integrate your Docker containers with the Bakery. Check out our guide.

Live support

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