The shared SQL and natural language command line for AWS

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Why Yeobot?

Cross account and cross region support

Yeobot lets you query all of your accounts across all regions, all in one place.

Proprietary Model

Yeobot builds a model of your infrastructure that allows for rapid querying and discovering relationships between resources that you can't discover anywhere else.

Proactive reports

Yeobot will proactively scan your infrastructure constantly to look for ways to save you money and make you more secure, so you can take advantage of our expertise.

Shared command line

By using Yeobot to explore your infrastructure, everyone on your team can see what you see when you see it, getting you to a solution or discovery quickly.

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ChatOps is about bringing your tools to where your conversations happen, and enabling real-time collaboration. Yeobot does this by putting the information you need right in your chat channel, so you don't have to repeat it or link to it for your coworkers. They see what you see, when you see it. And sometimes that even sparks an idea in their own mind.
Yeobot help

Yeobot functionality

Yeobot provides a powerful SQL interface to AWS that is cross-account and cross-region, and rolls up information from multiple APIs, including AWS cost information. It also supports aggregates such as SUM, COUNT, AVG, MIN, and MAX. Yeobot understands natural language queries and is always learning, so as you say things it will learn how to answer them.
Yeobot tables

Yeobot resource support

Today Yeobot supports all of your EC2 instances, RDS instances and autoscaling groups, but Yeobot gets smarter every day and learns how to index new things all the time. Sign up for the mailing list to stay informed as Yeobot learns new tricks!
Yeobot fun

Yeobot is Fun!

Despite all the hard work Yeobot does, it likes to have a little fun too. See if you can find all the easter eggs!

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